Month: December 2019

(118) Is the Name of G-d an Attribute of Mercy?

The thirteen attributes of divine mercy that appear in Exodus 34 begin with the name of G-d mentioned three times – the Tetragrammaton twice, and then the Hebrew word for “G-d.” Are these all counted among the thirteen, and if so, what do they mean? Listen to David and Scott duke it out in today’s Morning Drive Bible.

(117) Formulaic Prayer: Magic Words or Something Deeper?

G-d informs Moses that whenever Israel recites the thirteen attributes of mercy, He will forgive them. Doesn’t this sound like a type of magic trick? Isn’t prayer supposed to be about building a relationship with G-d, rather than the mindless recitation of a formula? Join David and Scott as they tackle this difficult question and, in the process, help us understand the place of standardized prayer.

(116) The Time G-d Taught Moses How to Pray

G-d recites the thirteen attributes of mercy before Moses… and Jewish tradition says that G-d metaphorically appeared as a prayer leader when He did so. What does this teach us about the reason that the Bible relates G-d’s praises?

(115) Interacting with our Teachers: The Greatest Education

Book learning is wonderful, but nothing compares to actually witnessing the actions of our great teachers. Join David and Scott as they discuss this idea, and how it relates to Moses’ breaking of the Tablets of the Law.