Morning Drive Bible

(101) What’s Wrong with Making Merry?

As the people are clamoring to celebrate this new golden calf, Aaron tries to delay the festivities to the next day, and to shift them into a holiday for the Lord. But early the next morning, the people “make merry.” Is that really such a bad thing?

(100) Can You Change G-d’s Mind? A Lesson in Divine Mercy

G-d is the G-d of truth, and His word stands forever. So how can Moses presume to actually change His mind?

(99) Old Habits Die Hard

After ths sin of the golden calf, Moses asks G-d, “Why are You angry?” Does this make any sense? OF COURSE G-d is angry! Join David and Scott as they investigate the logic of Moses’ question.

(98) The Double Delaying Mechanism

The people want a new leader. Aaron wants to delay until Moses returns. What was his plan – and how did it backfire?

(97) Would You Give Away Your Watch for Nothing?

David asks Scott for his Mickey Mouse watch… and Scott needs a good reason to actually give it to him. Believe it or not, this relates directly to Aaron’s plan when he was faced with the golden calf.

(96) Was the Golden Calf a Rejection of G-d or of Moses?

Israel bowed down to the golden calf, and Moses said to G-d, “Why are You angry?” What kind of question is that? What is Moses arguing? And that leads to a different question: what was the nature of the sin itself?

(95) Does G-d Actually Have Emotions?

When the Bible describes G-d as being angry, does that mean that He literally is angry, or is it purely a metaphor? David and Scott reflect two traditions as they debate this important point on this episode of Morning Drive Bible.

(94) Why is G-d Angry at Israel?

Moses asks G-d why He is angry with Israel… who just bowed down to a golden calf a mere forty days after receiving the Torah. What kind of question is that?!

(93) The Golden Calf: A Stain on the Jewish People?

How could the Israelites bow down to the golden calf in the desert, a mere forty days after receiving the Torah? Join David and Scott for the first of a series where they examine this difficult event. 

MORNING DRIVE BIBLE CLASSIC: Generosity, Dignity, and Sanctity

David and Scott will be off during the holiday of Sukkot (Tabernacles). They’ll be back on Wednesday, October 23 with brand new episodes of Morning Drive Bible. In the meantime, enjoy these classic episodes.

Our last episode discussed the four types of generosity. In today’s Morning Drive Bible, David and Scott talk about the need for a Biblical marriage to have both dignity and sanctity, so that G-d Himself becomes the third partner in the marriage.